The Organ Grinder's Monkey

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Albums & EPs

To purchase any of our music, please head over to our Bandcamp page where you can download tracks on a name-your-price basis. If you'd just like to listen for now, use any of the SoundCloud players below.

False Economy is the name of our latest EP, released November 2019. Three songs written after taking a look at the world around us and asking "what the f*ck is going on?"

(Artwork by Arthur McVey)

Blivet EP, released May 2017. Three instumental tracks each containing looped guitar/vocal/synth parts of different length, which overlap and interlock to create the various song structures.

(Artwork by Arthur McVey)

Zero Life Experience is a short collection of songs about innocence, bravery and naivety; released in March 2016.

(Artwork by Amy Taylor)


From time to time we remix other people's work. You can check out the results of these experiments in the playlist below:

Older Material

Selected cuts from our first few EPs, Stormy Weather and Man Against Machine (parts I, II & III). These date from before we worked out how to do the whole live-looping thing, so don't make it into the live set too often these days:

Ten Mega-Bytes
is a short album of chiptune instumentals, released in January 2013: